How to Make Yogurt Cake Easily

How to Make a Yogurt Cake Easily
Yoghurt cake of nourishing and healthy cake
How to prepare yogurt cake quickly and easily
Here are ingredients and how to make a fine yogurt cake
Ingredients of yoghurt cake
Three eggs
Tablespoon of white vinegar
One tablespoon of vanilla
A cup and a half of sugar
Half cup vegetable oil
A glass of water
A cup of yogurt
Three cups of flour
Spoon of baking powder
How to prepare yoghurt cake
Beat the eggs, vinegar and vanilla then add the sugar and fail well
Then add the oil and yogurt and fail well
Dissolve the flour with the pecking with the baking powder
Add the flour to the previous mixture with stirring by hand
Or with a wooden spoon then add the water and mix the ingredients well
Pour the mixture into oiled, finely sprinkled dogs
Go into preheated oven for 180 ° C
For 45 minutes
How to Make  Yogurt Cake Easily

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